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Brotherly Love
Dragons outfielder Michael siani has the bloodline to potentially do something baseball hasn't seen in decades
For three days in September of 1963, three brothers shared the outfield in a Major League Baseball game. On those three dates, and for only a few innings in each game, the Alou brothers, Felipe, Matty, and Jesus, formed the outfield for the San Francisco Giants. Never before, or since, have three baseball brothers played in the same regular season big league game, either as teammates or on opposing teams.
Dragons outfielder Michael Siani could someday be part of a combination to match that distinction. He is the oldest of three baseball brothers, all of whom are big league prospects.
Michael entered the baseball draft in 2018 and was selected by the Reds in the fourth round, though he was projected as a late first round pick and lasted a few rounds later due to signability concerns (he had committed to the University of Virginia).

Brother Sammy, one year his junior, was selected in the second round in 2019 by the Pittsburgh Pirates. He is currently playing for Bradenton in the Low-A Southeast League, one level lower than the Dragons. And the youngest of the Siani brothers, Jake, is set to start college at Johns Hopkins University and play baseball there.
“It was never the plan to have everything work out like this,” Michael said. “Obviously you dream about it. It has been great how it has been worked out so far.”
Siani with his brothers a few years back in high school
When Michael Siani starred at William Penn Charter School in Philadelphia, the school’s baseball coach called him a “once every 10-year player.” Little did he know that he would soon be seeing two more similar players with the same bloodline.
“We all grew up playing sports…baseball, soccer, basketball,” Michael said. “Baseball stuck with me to start and my brothers have kind of latched on to it. They saw what I did and followed along, and they are doing their own thing now.”
Michael talks modestly about the talent level of the brothers, as if it is a totally normal situation to have three siblings who are among the best players in the country in a sport played by millions. What the Siani family has is obviously not a common occurrence, but athleticism clearly runs in the family.
“My dad played college baseball. My mom is athletic, she played multiple sports in high school.”
Michael is also a distant relative of former NFL wide receiver Mike Siani, who played nine seasons with the Raiders and Colts as a wide receiver and finished runner-up as the 1972 NFL Rookie of the Year.
Michael says baseball has always been a family event for the brothers, even though it came without pressure from their parents.
“We (the three brothers) would work out together and go hit together. Once I got my license, I would drive them. We have always done it together. My parents have always been big supporters of us, but they never really pressed it, never forced us into doing anything we didn’t want to do. It has always been like that. But there was never pressure to practice certain things.”
The three brothers come with similar scouting reports.
“We are all left-handed so that narrowed it down to outfield, first base and pitcher. Jake pitches more than Sam and I did. Sam and I are both center fielders, and both of us can run.
“Jake is there too, and he is getting better as time goes by. Jake is more, in my opinion, 50/50 between pitching and outfield. As hitters, our swing mechanics are similar. Jake is a little shorter, he’s younger. All are good in the outfield. When Sam was younger his arm was weaker but he has worked hard in improving it. Sam was probably the latest bloomer as far as getting bigger and stronger at a later age, but he was always really good so it never really mattered.”
The last time three brothers all patrolled the same outfield in 1963. Brothers Jesus, Matty and Felipe Alou all suited up for the Giants.
Photo: Associated Press
In June of 2019, with Michael already playing for the Dragons, it became clear that Sammy Siani would be a high draft pick, and Michael’s hope was that the team selecting him would be a club that has spring training camp in Arizona, like the Reds.

Ultimately, Sammy was drafted by the Pirates, who hold spring training in Florida though. Still, the possibility exists in the future that the three brothers could someday play on the same big league field, and for Michael, that would be a welcome occurrence.
“I am not worried about all that right now, but the idea of that happening is the best thing I can think of,” he said.
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